The upper quadrant course focuses on advanced skill development and builds on the skills learned in the lower quadrant as well as adding the muscles of the upper quadrant. The upper quadrant muscles are often more technical and the correct identification of the anatomy and nearby structures (arteries veins nerves organs) is more critical.  

Similar to the lower quadrant this course continues to emphasize clean needle technique, safety treatment rationale and skill development. Muscle groupings covered include: shoulder, parascapular, anterior chest/upper arm sub-occipitals and cervical multfidus, TMJ and anterior neck, thorax, forearm and hand.

This course provides instruction over 3 days, combining formal lectures with hands-on lab sessions.

2.5 day course comprises 24 onsite hours of instruction. 

Lunch, snacks, coffee and water are provided.


  • Successful completion of lower quadrant course.
  • Current license as a PT, MD, DC or DO. If travelling from another province a courtesy registration may be required.