The instructors made a potentially intimidating technique seem very accessible and manageable.  Amazing course."

"Tisha was a great teacher, her feedback was invaluable.  She was able to offer great information on clinical integration."

Karyn clearly knows the content of the course but her real value came in describing how to use it in a real clinical context."

"The instructors were friendly, approachable and with excellent clinical experience to share with us."

"Awesome course!  Ample practice time with the instructor with very useful lecture/manuals to accompany the practical sessions.  Karyn is a fantastic teacher and has unique ability to explain techniques and concepts.  I was able to apply the techniques taught on the course the day after in clinic.  Would highly recommend this course to anyone looking to add or expand dry needling to their practice.


Overall the course was very organized and thorough.  Karyn and Tisha worked well as a team and set us up for great success in the clinic Monday!