This hands-on course focuses on developing a basic understanding of the mode of operation and on developing the skills and confidence required to incorporate dry needling into your patient treatment programs. 

Lecture and theory components cover topics such as: clean needle technique, theories behind needling, the effects on the muscles, neural and fascial systems. Other topics include: an understanding of the clinical application of needling, when it is indicated, contraindicated, potential complications and benefits of needling.

The lab and technique development sessions cover clean needle technique, needle insertion and handling. Muscle groupings include: the posterior hip, quadriceps, hamstrings and adductors, lower leg, foot, advanced hip, and lumbar spine. 

This course provides instruction over 3 days, combining formal lectures with hands-on lab sessions.

2.5 day course comprises 24 onsite hours of instruction. 

Lunch, snacks, coffee and water are provided.

Save when you sign up for both lower and upper quadrant.


  • The lower quadrant course is our entry level course. No prior dry needling experience is necessary

  • Current license of a PT, MD, DC or DO. If visiting from another province, a courtesy registration may be required.

  • Minimum 6 months of clinical practice (1 year recommended)