In Alberta dry needling is a restricted activity and therefore you need to apply to be on the needling roster to practice needling.  The most up to date information can be found on their site.

College of Alberta states 'a restricted activity is a regulated health service that by law can only be performed by individuals authorized to perform them. Restricted activities for physiotherapists are divided into two groups: basic and advanced'.

In order to use needles

  • Physiotherapist on the General Register
  • Completed a post entry-level needling education program that includes as part of the curriculum: theory, practice, safety instruction, and final (summative) evaluation conducted by the course instructor which resulted in a passing grade
  • Understanding of the practice standard on Performance of Restricted Activities
  • A report was created by the Health Quality Council of Alberta (HQCA) of an independent review of adverse outcomes, specifically pneumothorax, resulting from dry needling practices by physiotherapists in Alberta to improve the quality and safety of dry needling. Click here to read The Safe Practice of Dry Needling in Alberta.

The application process can be found via the following link:.

Authorization to use needles in practice