Through many years of practical experience, we believe that dry needling is a highly complementary treatment to manual therapy and soft tissue techniques and is very effective in a wide variety of patient treatment programs.

At On Point Physical Therapy we are passionate about dry needling and have developed a teaching framework that allows students to develop their practical skills in a safe, hands-on learning environment and successfully transfer these skills to patient treatment regimes.

Our instructors are experienced physical therapists and have used dry needling in our own patient caseloads. We are dedicated to teaching and helping clients develop the confidence to transfer their skills from the classroom to the clinic.


Lower Quadrant Course 


This hands-on course focuses on developing the skills and confidence required to incorporate dry needling into your patient treatment programs and on developing basic needling skills through the lumbar spine and lower extremity.

Upper Quadrant Course


This hands-on course focuses on developing advanced needling skills through the more technical upper quadrant including the cervical and thoracic spine and upper extremity. 


Upcoming Events



Check out our upcoming courses in your area. Please contact us with any questions in regards to registration or if you are interested in booking a course for your facility.

"Instructors were extremely knowledgeable, willing to help us in anyway. Able to take the time to ensure I left with the confidence and skill needed to integrate this technique."

"Awesome course!  Ample practice time with the instructor with very useful lecture/manuals to accompany the practical sessions.  Karyn is a fantastic teacher and has unique ability to explain techniques and concepts.  I was able to apply the techniques taught on the course the day after in clinic.  Would highly recommend this course to anyone looking to add or expand dry needling to their practice.